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     Building Surveys

A Full Building Survey (formerly know as a structural survey) is a detailed inspection of a building which aims to give our client the best possible information on a property in a clear report. Unlike the RICS Homebuyer Survey (which gives a limited overview in a fixed report format) the Surveyor is free to create a report which highlights important aspects strictly relevant to the client’s interest in the property concerned. The duty of the Surveyor is to protect the client from unexpected cost, so far as may be reasonably possible without causing damage to the building during the inspection. Subject to prior arrangement, Tombleson Associates welcome meetings with the client on site at the time of survey, if required.

Full Building Surveys are strongly recommended before commitment to the purchase (or lease) of all buildings, but particularly in the case of older or more complex structures. This type of survey often saves our clients many thousands of pounds.

water house
To read more please see the Survey & Valuation section or alternatively Contact Us: directly to discuss a Full Building Survey in the New Forest, Hampshire, Isle of Wight, Dorset, West Sussex or East Sussex.

     RICS Homebuyer Survey & Valuation

This useful document is an economical option in which the survey and valuation provide a more limited “overview”. This type of report is more often chosen for standard modern buildings in which ground conditions and structural anomalies are unlikely to be an issue. The Homebuyer Survey and Valuation is not recommended for older buildings, pre-1930.

RICS HomeBuyer Report Isle of Wight

To read more please see the
Survey & Valuation section or alternatively Contact Us: for an immediate quotation for a RICS HomeBuyer Report on the New Forest, Isle of Wight, Hampshire, Dorset or Sussex

     Residential Valuations

We prepare Residential Valuation Reports for many purposes, including marketing, probate, mortgages, taxation, etc. Our reports are always comprehensively in line with the “Red Book” standards required of all Members of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors. We can provide both current or retrospective valuations in all cases. We keep in touch with the property market on a daily basis.

Chartered Surveyors Valuation Independent Chartered Surveyor

To read more please see the
Survey & Valuation section or alternatively please Contact Us: for an immediate quotation on a Residential Valuation on the Isle of Wight, New Forest, Hampshire, Dorset or Sussex

     Party Wall Matters

In places where a wall forms a physical boundary feature between two properties, the “legal” ownership of the wall is not necessarily the most important issue when building works affecting that wall are proposed. If the wall in question serves also the adjoining owner, for example to support that neighbour’s building then this is a Party Wall in respect of which the neighbours share rights and liabilities.

Party Wall etc., Act 1996 is an effective Statute which permits works along a boundary to a neighbour’s property, within a clear framework. In this regard, Tombleson Associates are Specialist Surveyors who quickly and effectively deal with the requirements of the Act on behalf of their clients.

The implications of disregarding the proper procedures under the Party Wall Act can lead to problems and costs. In complying with the Act, it is of course reasonable that any costs fall upon the neighbour who is instigating the building works or alterations. Typically the reasonable fees of the Surveyor necessarily appointed by the Adjoining Owner are part of those costs.

Access to Neighbouring Land Act 1992 deals with access onto a neighbour’s land to perform works on a building. However, this Act has a distinctly separate purpose and does not deal with works to Party Walls.

To read more please see the Party Walls section or Contact Us: directly to discuss your issues or concerns.

     Insurance Claim Repairs

The assessment of damage and the management of repair under insurance claim procedures can be undertaken on behalf of both insurers and claimants, as appropriate.

carinto insurance_claim_form

Do you have any sort of damage to your property which would be repaired under an Insurance Claim? Such as Flood and Water Damage, Fallen Trees, Roof Damage, Fire or any Other Property Related Damages?

Tombleson Associates Independent Building Surveyors can assist in making the whole process less stressful and so much simpler. We will inspect your property and advise how to proceed so that the repairs can be dealt with as quickly as possible. We can prepare and devise the Schedule of Repair Work, liaise directly with Insurers or Loss Adjusters on your behalf, obtain and implement suitable contractors to carry out the works, supervise the repairs and ensure that the works are of good standard.

Tombleson Associates specialise in Historic Buildings and can also advise on
Historic Building Insurance Assessment.

Please Contact Us: to discuss your Insurance Claim Repairs issues or concerns on the Isle of Wight, New Forest, Hampshire, Dorset or Sussex

     Neighbour Boundary Disputes etc

The Land Registration Act, 2000. In the UK land ownership by Title Deed is in course of replacement by a system under which owners rely upon a Certificate of Title, as opposed to original deeds.

On both the original Deeds and on the modern Certificates the lines on the plans do not necessarily represent the precise location of physical features such as fences, walls and hedges, etc.

When a
dispute arises the exact location of a boundary is identified by investigation of both the physical and documentary evidence. The fact that land can (in certain circumstances) be acquired by “Adverse Possession” must also be considered.

At Tombleson Associates
we are qualified to advise on a wide range of land tenure issues including, for example: covenants, easements, leases and licences, etc.

We can arrange for
Land Survey Plans to be drawn to scale with great accuracy.

tall-hedge_web2really-bad-neighborshightext highfence

Please Contact Us: to discuss your Neighbour Disputes on the Isle of Wight, New Forest, Hampshire, Dorset or Sussex.

     Schedules of Condition, Dilapidation Reports etc.

You may be entering a Lease (or already own a Lease) with a Rent Review looming. We will look at the property to determine the actual state of repair and check this with the repairing obligations, etc in your Lease. Your Solicitor will be best placed to advise on the contents of the Lease, but Tombleson Associates have more than four decades of combined experience to advise on building matters, provide Schedules of Condition or deal with counter claims in respect of Schedules of Breaches of Covenants and Wants of Repair.

Where your Landlord or Tenant has obligations for maintenance and repair, we will help you.

We provide a range of professional reports to address a wide spectrum of issues affecting property. For example, our reports include records of condition prior to works on adjoining buildings, schedules in lease documents, breaches of repairing covenants, insurance claims, snagging reports on completion of new buildings, etc.

Our bound reports comprise clear text supported by digital images: these reports can be supplied in multiple copies to suit clients’ requirements.

pub mariners arms   Otham House
Please Contact Us:

     Mediation & Arbitration

Disputes should only reach Court as an action of last resort. Before that step, Alternative Dispute Resolution should be thoroughly considered. These techniques include mediation, arbitration and consultation with Expert Witnesses.

Self-evidently there are ways in which disputes can be resolved with input from specialists. Our associate consultants are qualified members of the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators and also have read experience in mediation.

We welcome consultation with clients seeking Dispute Resolution services. Specifically, we are qualified to advise upon and implement arbitration and mediation procedures.

DisputeResolution7 logo_ciarb

PleaseContact Us: to discuss your issues or concerns.

     Planned Maintenance Works

At Tombleson Associates, we regularly provide Planned Maintenance Schedules of Work for our Clients. This may be over a 1, 3, 5 or 10 year programme. So many times we encounter a situation in which the owner knows that they have to maintain a building, but they just don’t know where to start. With over 40 years combined experience in maintaining buildings, we are best placed to assist in ensuring the correct plan of works is devised so that your individual building is properly maintained.

We also manage properties on behalf of our Clients. For example, if any damage occurs whilst they are absent, we are here to pick up the pieces and carry out repairs.

Tombleson Associates can devise the Schedule of Works, obtain Contractors estimates for the works, supervise the repairs and advise when payments should be released. We can tailor a service to suit your individual requirements. Give us a call to discuss (01983) 200442.


Please Contact Us: to discuss your issues or concerns.

     Land Survey Plans

We can arrange for Land Survey Plans to be drawn to scale with great accuracy. Tombleson Associates Works in close association with Andrew Foulkes of Island Survey Systems


     Other Professional Services

Our combined professional expertise is drawn from decades of experience in the private sector, public sector and Statutory Undertakings both in United Kingdom and in other countries. Please do not hesitate to Contact Us: to discuss issues relating to property (realty) in general. If we cannot be of service directly, we will happily put you in touch with the right consultant whenever possible.

     Competitive Professional Fees

Our charges are
very competitive and our work is meticulous.
Other Services:
Tombleson Associates Independent Surveyors charges are based on an hourly rate depending on the exact nature of the work concerned.

Please Contact Us: and we will give you an immediate quotation

In professional consultations we always offer the First 30 minutes FREE of charge, so that you can decide whether we are the right people for the job.

Please do not hesitate to
Contact Us:

All consultations are confidential and we make no charge for initial
consultations which precede our engagement.

Who we are:

Tombleson Associates Ltd is a multi-Disciplinary Practice with a focus on the “land” professions, that serves the Southern Counties of England from a Central Office Base.

We work with clients to understand their Building Surveying needs and tailor bespoke solutions to their strategic requirements.
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Tombleson Associates Ltd

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What we do:

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